Cooperation models


Fixed Price

The budget for the entire project is approved before the work starts. The exact deadline for the project is also approved before work starts. The risk for late delivery is borne by the contractor. This model can be convenient for you as a customer, as you know exactly how much the project will cost and when you will get it

Fixed-price contracts are most often used for small projects with strictly limited functionality that will definitely not be changed or added to

Time and Materials

The T&M contract involves payment for services rendered

  • The project is divided into tasks, each of which is assessed separately by the team, so that you have the opportunity to make any amendments in the course of the work
  • The project team assesses each task and provides you with an estimate of how many man-hours are needed to implement it
  • We multiply the man-hours by the rank rates and get the cost of the task. If you agree, let's get started
  • When the task is completed and you have a visible result, you pay the team
By collaborating on the Time and Materials model, the company is interested in providing you with quality results in optimal time. This, in turn, enables further successful cooperation

Advantages of the Time and Materials model

It is a flexible payment model, which is perfectly compatible with Agile principles

The ability to start development quickly, unlike Fixed Price. By collaborating on T&M model, you can start work right away

Transparent developer hourly rates allow the customer to control tasks, deadlines and budgets

The ability to view the result at each stage

You get a solution that fully meets your expectations