One of the main activities at Premium IT Solution is the development of E-commerce solutions and integration with applications already in use to create a seamless business process


Solution types

We have subject matter expertise in different business areas and develop systems depending on the end-user of goods and services


Business to Business

The solution development by Premium IT Solution simplifies transactions and operations at any stage, guarantees a transparent system of interactions for both parties, and increases the speed of transaction processing


Business to Consumer

We develop and implement solutions to simplify and speed up the end-user buying process. We build the right collaborative system, allowing customers to reduce their rental and labour costs


Consumer to Consumer

We have experience in developing various systems: from auction websites to ad websites. We focus on reliability and an intuitive application interface


Government to Consumer

Premium IT Solution creates solutions that make it easier for individuals and businesses to interact with government agencies. The use of E-commerce in this sector helps facilitate the interaction process for both parties

Benefits of using solutions created by us

Easy to manage

Ability to modify and expand functionality

Smooth operation even under high loads

Security of the ready-made solution and confidentiality of the data used

Performance optimisation

Scalability of the solution as the number of users and operations increases