For companies wishing to reduce IT development costs and improve the performance and stability of their systems, we offer IT outsourcing services that allow us to delegate some or all of the responsibility for the development, support, maintenance and modernisation of your infrastructure to our specialists


Work stages

We work together with you to find the best conditions for cooperation in this service, determine the expected level of competencies and build a candidate profile. We allocate suitable candidates from the staff or start the process of external recruitment

We conclude a contract that sets out the agreed terms and conditions, roles, responsibilities and compensation

We get down to production tasks

We take care of all personnel, accounting and legal matters. We provide you with regular reporting

We react to emerging issues in a timely manner


Outsourcing types


Personnel Outsourcing

We provide the necessary number of specialists with the required competences to the customer, while the customer ensures that they are effectively involved in the project


Functional Outsourcing

We perform specific project management functions for the customer. The customer, in turn, ensures that the conditions dependent on them are met and integrated for the benefit of the project

Outsourcing results

Your IT department costs are reduced

The tax burden is reduced

Risks associated with litigation initiated by an employee are reduced to zero

The document workflow is optimized