Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a specialized software tool that interacts with various automated information systems through a standard user interface, simulating the work of the user

Business process robotization does not affect nor change the existing IT landscape of the organization and allows for rapid optimization of business processes


How RPA can aid your business


Reducing the cost of processes by handing over routine and repetitive operations to the robot. For example, robots can recognize scanned text


That's how much the use of RPA reduces the number of errors caused by the "human factor". The robot does not get tired; its attentiveness is not reduced




That's how many times faster a robot can perform operations than a human.
Speed means increased profits and customer loyalty

Robotics-friendly processes

Rule-based ones

Those with numerous operations

Frequently recurring and intermittent ones

Those involving several IT systems

Routine, time-consuming ones

Those using structured input data