Management Analytics

Every management decision influences further activities and state of the company. Premium IT Solution offers implementation of Business Intelligence solutions for taking informed managerial decisions


Business Intelligence

This is specialised software designed specifically for analysing information, identifying key factors and modelling different options for the final management decision, as well as further tracking the result



The use of Business Intelligence systems supports fully informed management decisions, while reducing the cost of searching for and subsequently analysing the necessary data

Integrating data from different applications used in the company

Data consolidation

Analysis of large data sets

Creating reports, including cross-sectional ones

Quick access to the data you need

Forecasting based on available indicators

Modelling management decisions

Business Intelligence solutions

Improving the manageability of the company and the business as a whole

Reducing risk in management decisions

Decreasing costs

Creating flexibility within the competitive market

Ensuring high level of operational control


Business Intelligence components


Collection and storage

Creating a storage facility to collect and organise data from a variety of sources needed for business analysis


Integration interaction

Processing, standardisation and consolidation of existing data according to requirements, regardless of their source


Data analysis

Complete and comprehensive data analysis in different segments and sections is carried out using OLAP tools


Data visualisation

Construction of user-friendly and easy-to-understand results in various forms for further use (graphs, tables, charts, scales, etc.)